The Process


Sitting down together to discuss our five Family Keys will determine how your family wants to spend their time and where they are headed in the future. 

The process is as important as the end product. Creating your Family Keystone is where the real magic happens.

While creating a Keystone, you’ll have a chance to have meaningful conversations with your family about what’s really important in life.

You’ll bond and connect as a family while you listen carefully to each other.

Simply having the discussion about values and principles as a family will guide you to start thinking about these things in your daily life.

Don’t get discouraged if you think it’s taking too long or isn’t going exactly how you wanted. In those moments when you feel like giving up and retreating back into default mode, just focus on the process.

Remember, the important thing is that you’re intentionally starting a conversation on what it means for your family to live the good life

discuss, design, display

We have simplified the process of writing a family mission statement so that you don't have to!


A Family Keystone Kit includes everything you need to write a family mission statement.  We include cards to help you determine your 5 Family Keys. These 5 Family Keys are turned into intentional statements with the use of the Kit.


We do all the heavy lifting here! Submit your statements right online and we take care of the rest. We will design a custom Keystone you love. Don't worry if your statements aren't perfect. We can help phrase them so they reflect exactly what you are trying to say. 


Hang your Keystone in your home and use it daily! 

We are here to help!

We love helping families! We are always here to support and encourage you during the process. Just reach out if you need us.

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